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There is a wide range of meditation symbols that exist. Every ha their own diverse significance or goal behind it. A portion of these symbols are confined for use close by meditation as well as are additionally present in various societies as well as religions. Nine of the most widely recognized and most dominant meditation symbols at present include:

Buddha Eyes:

On pretty much every Buddhist place of worship (stupa) in Nepal, the Buddha Eyes image is available on every one of the four sides of the primary pinnacle. Buddha Eyes or Wisdom Eyes symbolizes the all-powerful (omniscience), Buddha. This numeral likewise imparts that the main way we can acquire genuine arousing is through Buddha. At the end of the day, on the off chance that we need to know profoundly and see plainly, the Buddha Eyes or Wisdom Eyes image guides us to follow Buddha's pledge.

Dharma Wheel:

The individuals who practice an Indian religion like Buddhism or Jainism may definitely realize that Buddha's lessons are alluded to as Dharma. The Dharma Wheel image is an eight-spoked wheel that Buddha gave as guidance to acquire illumination. As indicated by Buddha, on the off chance that we practice his lessons, the entirety of our inward issues will break up, and we'll be equipped for accomplishing concordance. Aside from the guidelines themselves, there's a lot of imagery behind the Dharma Wheel.


Concurring to Ananda, each significant religion around the globe perceives the "om" or "aum" image, just that it's alluded to by various names. Notwithstanding, staying with the Hindu "aum," this vibration is viewed as the sound of the universe.

We can separate this word or image into three unique implications: "A" speaks to the waking state. "U" symbolizes the dreaming state. "M" takes after the profound dozing state.

During meditation, "om" or "aum" is regularly recited to help the meditator think and stay loose through the procedure. Murmuring this vibration has the capacity of aiding meditators to have a simpler time opening their third eye.

The Lotus Flower:

A lotus blossom image, while it may appear to be petite and sensitive, has a significant reason in meditation for some. By and large, the lotus blossom symbolizes development and edification, which are two things we ought to encounter as we contemplate. For meditators, they may be propelled by the development pattern of the lotus bloom from a little bud to a major, excellent blossom.


The Hamsa symbol likewise now and again called the stink eye image, is viewed as the Hand of God. This meditation image can be found in a wide range of nations and is said to have widespread portrayal in all societies and religions. When confronting upwards, the Hamsa image is utilized to avert abhorrently. When confronting downwards, the image is accepted to bring good karma.

Each finger on the Hamsa hand speaks to an alternate chakra. From thumb to pinky, the fingers speak to the sun based plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, root chakra, and sacral chakra.